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Daylight Dimming / Daylight Harvesting - How to make the most from available daylight.

What is Daylight Dimming (also called Daylight Harvesting)?

Have you ever wondered why most lights are on at full brightness during the day even when there is plenty of daylight available?

Daylight Harvesting controls regulate the artifical light depending on the available daylight. When enough daylight is available, the artifical light dimms down according to how much light is available. A guaranteed light level (depending on the work area and task) is maintained at all times as the result of artifical and ambient light.

Result: Always the perfect light. Guaranteed!

How can Daylight Dimming be implemented?  

Option 1: Individual Daylight Dimming - One Sensor per fitting

Out of the various possible implementations DAYTRONIC® Daylight Dimming Ballasts are the easiest, quickest and often the most economical solution. Daytronic Ballasts are unique because they contain all the required intelligence for a hassle-free and comfortable operation. A Daytronic Ballast Set consists of a high-quality electronic dimming ballast and a small photosensor which is directly attached to the ballast.
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 Option B: Central Daylight Dimming - one sensor controls several fittings

Basically this approach employs the same components but the sensor element is integrated into the ceiling. Several light fittings can be controlled by one sensor. Central sensors enable Daylight Dimming installations with various types of lighting, not only fluorescent.
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