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DIMMTRONIC: dimmers & current sinks

The right dimmer for any application

EPV's DIMMTRONIC family offers the right solution for every dimming applications - whether you are dimming LEDs, halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, dimmable CFLs, 1-10 V dimmable fluorescent lamps or any other type of dimmable lighting. 

All DIMMTRONIC dimmers are characterized by their very good signal quality due to high quality components and careful tuning and debugging. Hence compatibility is achieved to a broad selection of dimmable lights. Nevertheless we still recommend testing with your specific lights. Please contact us for any support.

DIMMTRONIC dimmers are available

  • for DIN rail or flush mounting boxes,
  • suitable for leading or trailing edge,
  • as 1-10V current sink,
  • as PWM dimmer (three pulse width modulated output signals - PWM) for LED linear lights with 12 V, 24 V or 48 VDC
  • for manual dimming and automatic daylight control with light sensor.

Please click here for more information on what type of dimming (whether leading or trailing edge) is the appropriate choice for your application.

DIN rail dimmers

Wall box dimmers

Ceiling and light fitting integration (PWM)
Leading edge and trailing edge dimmers for DIN rail installation in electrical distributions. With a variety of control options (e.g. manual and 1-10V sensor dimming). All of these have a width of 6 standard units.
Leading edge and trailing edge dimmer for max. power ranges of 300 to 1000 VA. This section also includes EPV's 1-10V electronic potentiometer as well as speed controls and shutter controls.
For professional dimming of DC-powered LED lamps.


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