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DIMMTRONIC wallbox dimmers

DIMMTRONIC wall box dimmers are reknown for their reliability and installation quality and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Due to their clean dimming signal quality they are also popular for dimmable LED applications.

All models have a 4 mm axle. With an axle adapter (included) all of the dimmers can also be used in 6 mm design programs (e.g. Busch Jaeger). The standard version comes with expanding tightening clamps which then hold the dimmer tightly inside the wall box. Alternatively, they can be supplied without these clamps - please note this on the order.

As cover plates all popular design programs fit - if required we can also supply white covers with the dimmers (standard option is without). For example we often supply the white PEHA cover frame in white, Product-no. 101239, as pictured on the right.

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