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EPV Electronics GmbH is a member of Germany's export initiative for energy efficient products

Intelligent lighting control for better energy efficiency

Energy Saving Lighting controls by EPV Germany: Occupancy Sensors, Dimmers, Daylight Dimming

Solutions to make your lighting efficient

Modern lighting technologies such as LED are a first step towards energy-saving lighting. True energy efficient lighting, however, is only achieved with intelligent switching and dimming.

Made in Germany, since 1990

EPV is specialized in intelligent lighting control solutions for offices, residential applications and commercial buildings. We are a medium-sized German company with a strong emphasis on R&D. EPV products are designed and manufactured in Germany.

Combining savings and comfort

The energy consumption of most buildings can be reduced immediately and sustainably with relatively minor investment. For example, a retrofit or initial fitout with highly sensitive, small digital EPV occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting controls not only lowers your energy consumption by 30-50% but it also increases the perceived comfort in your building.

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