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LED Emergency Exit Signs

Product Cancelation Notice: We are discontinuing these LED Exit Signs. Only available while existing stock lasts.

Why LED? Because fluorescent Exit Signs are expensive to run

Conventional (fluorescent) Emergency Exit Signs are a major "hidden" cost factor in most buildings:

  • Fluorescent tubes need regular replacement before (!) they fail: Labour & parts costs
  • Batteries (usually NiCd) need replacement every 4 years: Labour & parts costs
  • Batteries require annual maintenance (deep discharge)
  • Ongoing energy costs (8W tube + ballast, 24 hours, 365 days).
In comparison to these costs the initial purchasing price quickly becomes insignificant.

The innovation: Zero maintenance over lifetime!

The HELIOS LED Exit signs have been designed to completely eliminate any maintenance cost over a lifetime of 10 years  in 24 hour operation.

 The key to this achievement is an innovative conduction of the light inside the sign. This technique makes it possible to use only one premium 1W LED to light the entire sign (standard size 120x250mm). This results in a standard viewing distance of 24m. The batteries that keep the sign lit during an emergency should of course provide a similar lifecycle as the LEDs (i.e. no replacement and no maintenance over lifetime). This is the case with the batteries used in the HELIOS range.

What is different to other LED signs?

Using only one LED opens the door for a new way of mounting the light source. In this manner, the LED experiences very low temperatures and this in turns is a guarantee for an extremely high lifetime because it reduces the fading to an extremely low level.

In contrast, LED signs with 10, 12 or more single LEDs usually fade to 50% or so of the inital light output after one year of operation.

Main benefits of the HELIOS range:

  • Extremely high lifetime
  • No maintenance required for lamp and battery
  • Very low power consumption due to 1W LED
  • Long emergency runtime (3h)

To get a better impression of the effect of each factor and the influence on overall operating costs, why not play around a little with the following sample payback calculation (you can modify this and enter your own cost factors):

Click here for the sample payback calculation (.xls) >>

For decentralised applications (i.e. signs with backup battery) two main types are available: Product details >>

For centralised emergency power supplies (no battery required) the signs are available for a wide range of supply voltages. Product details >>



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