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Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/230V/12

EPV ecos Occupancy Sensor PM/230V/12

A simple occupancy sensor that switches lighting or other consumers on and off.

The ecos PM/230V/12 is EPV's simplest 230V occupancy sensor for larger heights.

  • Occupancy sensing is always active, the sensor does not contain a daylight sensor.
  • Fixed delay time, set ex factory. (default = 10 minutes, other default settings possible on request)
  • Suitable for installation heights up to 12 meters.
  • Switches up to 2300 VA / 800 A inrush current.
  • Product-no. 102052

The ecos PM/230V/12 is the ideal sensor for applications without any daylight and applications where you want artificial light even if you have daylight available.

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