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Occupancy and Dimming Sensor ecos PM/230V/5LSa (DIM)

EPV ecos Occupancy Sensor PM/230V/5LSa

Occupancy sensor with daylight dimming function for maximum energy savings

The combination of occupancy sensing and daylight dimming yields the highest possible energy savings at very high levels of lighting comfort. Dimming takes place through the 1-10V interface (10mA).

  • Occupancy sensing on/off + daylight dimming (1-10V)
  • Adjustable delay time 10 seconds – 14 minutes
  • Adjustable dimming set point (i.e. guaranteed lux level on work area) 100-1000 Lux
  • 1-10V interface with >2.5KV separation from mains voltage
  • Switch-off priority: sufficient daylight level
  • Switching capacity 2300 VA / 800 A inrush
  • Maximum installation height 5 meters
  • Product-no. 101921

Explanation of functionality: Without daylight the lights are switched on or off based on occupancy. When daylight is present the artificial lighting is dimmed in accordance with the set light levels always to the possible dimming level at which the guaranteed light level on the work area (as the overall amount from daylight and artificial light) is achieved. When a lot of daylight is available and the artificial light has remained in maximum dimming position for at least the selected delay time the artificial light is switched off by the /5LSa sensor (even if there are still persons present in the area).  Likewise, the artificial lights are kept off when a vacant room is entered while there is sufficient daylight. In essence, the available daylight has priority over the motion signal. Highest possible energy savings.

The "brother" of this sensor, with a slightly different functionality is the ecos PM/230V/5LSb >>

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