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All EPV 24V ecos occupancy sensor are popular for use with building management systems (BMS) and other controls such as intelligent thermostats.

Typical building management systems that we have worked with recently include Crestron, Priva or Loxone among many others.

The details are quite simple:

1.) Power supply for the sensors:
When using the sensors in a BMS you need to supply the sensors with power so that they work. For the simple models (without dimming function) this can be 10.8 to 28V. AC or DC.
For the dimming models the voltages is 15 to 28V. Again, this can be AC or DC.

So, now they work and we need to look at the signal integration into the BMS.

2.) Output signals
We do not use voltage free relays but a similar electronic design.
All our 24V sensors have Open Collector outputs. This is a special type of transistor switching. Basically it works like an electronic switch.

On the one side of the open collector output you can apply a DC (!) voltage from the BMS. The open collector will then switch this voltage through or block it depending on the detection status (so the operation is very similar to a potential free contact).

This applies for the occupancy (switching) signal.

Note that this signal needs to be DC as opposed to AC or DC for the supply of the sensor.

The vast majority of the BMS have inputs which detect resistance or high / low levels so they can work perfectly with this type of input.

For the dimming signal, it is coded in a 1..10V DC format.

The DIM sensors can draw down an applied 10V voltage to the right level (up to 10mA) but they can also feed an active signal to an external control (up to 1 mA in active mode).

If you are unsure please feel free to contact our lab with questions about any specific BMS that you or one of your customers come across. We have the experts and they are there to help. Most BMS inputs can be configured in several different ways.

You can use any of the 24V models, depending on what the functional requirements are.

Apart from the "normal" 24V sensors there is one special sensor for BMS which is called the PM/24V/5LSc. This one has no adjustments and gives out the "raw" occupancy signal with only a very short delay time of 10 seconds. The "real" delay time is then programmed in the BMS.

In addition this /LSc type puts out a light proportional signal (not a daylight dimming signal). The dimming signal is again generated in the  BMS based on the light value from the sensor.

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