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Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5L MASTER

EPV ecos Occupancy Sensor PM/24V/5L

An occupancy sensor with additional lightlevel switchoff. Delay time and twilight switch level are adjustable.

The ecos PM/24V/5L offers a built-in daylight sensor and an adjustable twilight level switch above which the occupancy sensing is deactivated (i.e. the artificial light remains switched off when the lights were off before you enter the room and they turn off after the delay time when they were on before and when there is now sufficient ambient light from outside). This model is usually the right choice for rooms where you often keep the artificial light off during the day due to sufficient daylight and offers you full flexibility. "The Allrounder".

  • Adjustable twilight setting 100-1000 Lux, above which the occupancy sensing is deactivated.
  • Adjustable delay time: 10 seconds - 14 minutes
  • Potential free relay
  • Suitable for installation heights of up to 5 meters
  • Coverage area extension with SLAVE sensors
  • Product-no. 102045
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