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Occupancy Based Dimming Sensor PM/24V/5K MASTER (DIM)

EPV ecos Occupancy Sensor PM/24V/5K

An occupancy sensor that dimms the lights down when no one is present.

The ecos PM/24V/5K dimms down the artifical light when an area is not used. The lower dimming limit as well as the delay time after which the dimming occurs can be adjusted. The functionality of the /K sensors is also known as  "Corridor" or "Standby" function.Optionally, the lights can also be turned off completely after a second delay time - this depends on the Power Pack. For this feature please make a note when you order.

Ideal for: Super market aisles, corridors in hospitals and care homes, parking decks, etc.…

  • Adjustable minimum level 1-5V (typically 10% - 50% light output)
  • Adjustable delay time 10 seconds - 14 minutes
  • Dimming takes place in soft ramps (dimming down is much slower than dimming up)
  • Maximum installation height 5 meters
  • Product-no. 101792
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