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Technology: What is the difference between analogue and digital PIR sensors?

Most occupancy sensors use Passive InfraRed (PIR) technology for detection. Other technologies are possible as well but less well suited for most applications.

However, there are 2 classes of PIR sensors. Most available motion sensors use analogue PIR technology. This results in low sensitivity and large sensors.

In contrast, EPV occupancy sensors exclusively feature digital PIR technology. This enables occupancy sensors which are much smaller, more sensitive and immune to false triggerings.

Analogue Digital
  • The very small signal travels from the PIR element to an amplification electronics circuit.
  • In its course, it is vulnerable to electromagnet interference, for example from electrical switching impulses, WiFi signals, mobile devices, etc. These can cause false alarms.
  • As a result, the possible amplification (i.e. sensivity) is physically limitied.
  • Immunity to false triggering: Usually no more than 3 Volt / meter.
  • Cheap to manufacture
  • Large devices
  • 1st amplifcation stage is integrated into the PIR element and is electrically fully shielded  (Faraday cage)
  • Alle Störungen von außen werden komplett eliminiert
  • Dadurch höhere Empfindlichkeit (Verstärkung möglich)
  • Störfestigkeit besser als 10 Volt / Meter
  • Deutlich teurer herzustellen wg. hochintegrierter Bauweise
  • Viel kleinere Bauweise möglich.
EPV focuses exclusively on digital PIR sensors.
Vergleich analoger und digitaler Präsenzmelder


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EPV Präsenzmelder in Pro7 Galileo Watch VIDEO: German popular science magazine Pro7 "Galileo" used an EPV occupancy sensor in its episode about motion sensors. The team tries to "trick" our sensor in an entertaining series of different approaches. Have fun watching

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