DIMMTRONIC DIN rail dimmers: proven quality

EPV's DIMMTRONIC trailing edge and leading edge dimmers have earned electricians' trust for outstanding reliability and functionality that suits many projects:

Thanks to very low minimum loads, high maximum power and very clean signals suitable for many applications.

  • operation in push-button-mode or
  • alternatively, through a 1-10V interface
  • adjustable dimming characteristics (2 dimming curves)
  • adjustable minimum setting 0% - 40% to match dimming performance ideally to your lights
  • the dimmer actually switches the load off when the 1-10V control signal drops below 0.7 V
  • very small minimum loads, ideal for LED lamps
  • an 18VDC power supply for direct integration of light sensors and occupancy sensors

For your projects you will find a reliable "workhorse" in the DIMMTRONIC DIN rail dimmer for a wide varietey of applications - for example in living areas, in hotels and restaurants or conference rooms.

DIMMTRONIC M1000/5.3 Leading-edge dimmer
Leading-edge-dimmer for "push-button mode" or "sensor mode (any 1-10V control)"
* €119,90 * SRP
(€139,08 Incl. tax)
DIMMTRONIC M1000/3.3 Trailing-edge dimmer
Trailing-edge dimmer for "push-button mode" or "sensor mode" (any 1-10V control).
* €139,90 * SRP
(€162,28 Incl. tax)