New: occy® design occupancy sensor

Are you looking for an occupancy sensor that does not look like an unappealing foreign body but integrates harmoniously into your high-quality interior designs? Then occy® is the right occupancy sensor for you.

Conventional occupancy or motion sensors often appear clunky on the ceiling and destroy the harmonious overall impression of otherwise high-quality interior fittings. This is no longer acceptable for discerning architects and lighting planners.

That 's why occy® occupancy sensors follow a differerent approach. With occy® you implement reliable motion sensing and lighting control in many different application scenarios - while fulfilling high aesthetic requirements. Whether you want to use occy® in ceilings, in wall boxes or in luminaire installations: occy® does it all. occy® occupancy sensors are extremely small and unobtrusive. There are 4 different ways to install occy® occupancy sensors.

occy® uses digital PIR technology. This allows high sensitivity in a small design.

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