230V Occupancy Sensors

230V sensors with built-in high-power relay are perfect to switch lighting e.g. within a retrofit project.

Single office                Meeting room               Corridor 

The ecos PM/230V range offers you simple & reliable solutions for e.g.

  • Individual offices
  • Small conference rooms
  • Short corridors
  • Storage areas
  • Bath rooms and toilet areas

For a high switching capacity and for impressive long-term reliability all ecos 230V models feature a very powerful & highly reliable Tungsten double-latch relay which is required whenever the switched load has a capacitive characteristic such as electronic ballasts or many LED drivers. These sensors operate on mains voltage and return the switched phase which is then fed to the electrical consumers.

Scope of delivery: WAGO kit with strain relief & cover and clip to mount the sensors in false/suspended ceilings. Other accessories see here.

ecos PM/230V
Occupancy sensing only (ON/OFF) available in two versions. The ecos PM/230V is the ideal sensor for applications without any daylight and applications where you want artificial light even if you have day light available. Up to 12 meter installation ...
* €54,90 * SRP
(€65,33 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/230V/T
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time (no light sensor). Two variations available. This sensor reacts to presence - regardless of how bright the room is. In two variations available, up to 12 meter intallation height.
* €56,90 * SRP
(€67,71 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/230V/L
ecos PM/230V/L
Small "Allround" occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time and adjustable twilight level switch. Two variations available. Perfect for retrofitting existing non-dimmable lighting. Superior sensitivity due to digiPIR technology. Made in Germany.
€57,90 * €50,90 * SRP
(€60,57 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/230V/5LSa DIM
Integrated sensor for occupancy sensing and daylight dimming
* €74,90 * SRP
(€89,13 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/230V/K DIM
An occupancy sensor that dimms the lights down when no one is present. Two variations available. With adjustable delay time. ("Corridor or Standby function"). Two variations available. Suitable for up to 12 meter installation height.
* €64,90 * SRP
(€77,23 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/230V/5LSb DIM
Integrated sensor for occupancy sensing and daylight dimming
* €74,90 * SRP
(€89,13 Incl. tax)