ecos 24V Occupancy Sensors

24V Occupancy Sensors can perfectly be integrated into existing control systems (Home automation, Building Management Systems BMS) and are also highly recommended for operation with a 230V EPV Power Pack. Due to MASTER / SLAVE options several occupancy...

Our 24V occupancy sensors can be operated in 2 ways:

  • on building controls (e.g., BMS) or smart home systems (Loxone, Homematic, WAGO, etc.) or
  • on EPV Power Packs to cover large areas in the simplest way (applies to all models except (PM/24V/5Si) or

The models without dimming function work on 10.8-28V AC and DC supply voltage, the DIM models on 15-28V AC and DC.

All 24V devices are connected via RJ12 cable (normal 6-core data cable). Each MASTER can be extended with up to 30 SLAVES. The models without dimming output operate at 10.8-28V AC and DC. Models with dimming output at 15-28V AC and DC.

The scope of delivery includes a standard mounting clip for installation of our sensors in suspended, partitioned ceilings (such as Odenwald ceilings).

ecos PM/24V MASTER
Occupancy sensor with fixed delay time. Two variations available. Up to 12 meter installation height.
* €50,90 * SRP
(€60,57 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V/T MASTER
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time 10 s - 14 m. No twilight switch. Two variations available. Up to 12 m installation height.
* €53,90 * SRP
(€64,14 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V/L MASTER
An occupancy sensor with additional lightlevel switchoff. Delay time and twilight switch level are adjustable. In two variations available.
* €54,90 * SRP
(€65,33 Incl. tax)
An occupancy sensor that dimms the lights down when no one is present. With adjustable delay time. ("Corridor or Standby function"). Two variations available. Suitable for up to 12 meter installation height.
* €63,90 * SRP
(€76,04 Incl. tax)
Combined occupancy and daylight harvesting sensor.
* €64,90 * SRP
(€77,23 Incl. tax)
Cable Adapter KA2 Set
Cable adapter to make the transition from RJ11 and RJ12) to installation cable or individual wires.
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V SLAVE
SLAVE sensor for coverage area extension of all EPV MASTER sensors. In two variations available. Up to 12 meter installation height.
* €38,90 * SRP
(€46,29 Incl. tax)
Spring clip
For the installation of occupancy sensors in suspended one-piece ceilings (drywall, acoustic ceilings), in which the standard mounting clip can not be used.
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
Surface Mounting Enclosure
For surface installation if installation depth is insufficient or installation is not possible (e.g. exposed concrete ceilings).
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
2-into-1 RJ12 Adapters
Used for plugging several 24V sensors together (MASTER / SLAVE) Rule of thumb: Typically 1 unit per SLAVE sensor required.
* €4,90 * SRP
(€5,83 Incl. tax)