Integration advice into existing systems

All EPV 24V ecos occupancy sensor are popular for use with building management systems (BMS) and other controls such as intelligent thermostats.

Typical building management systems that we have worked with recently include Crestron, Priva or Loxone among many others. 

1.) Power supply for the sensors: 
When using the sensors in a BMS you need to supply the sensors with power so that they work.

  • For the simple models (without dimming function) this can be 10.8 to 28V. AC or DC.
  • For the dimming models the voltages is 15 to 28V. Again, this can be AC or DC. 

You can use any of the 24V models, depending on what the functional requirements are.

  • When used with a controll system no EPV Power Pack is required.
  • MASTER and SLAVE sensors can be combined to extend the sensor area.

Wiring example for occupancy sensor with potential free relay:

Circuit potential free relay

Apart from our "normal" potential free 24V sensors there is one special sensor for BMS which is called the PM/24V/5Si MASTER. This sensor has an Open Collector output. It has no adjustments and gives out the "raw" occupancy signal with only a very short delay time of 10 seconds. The "real" delay time is then programmed in the BMS. 

Wiring example for Si MASTER with Open Collector:

Circuit open collector


Cable Adapter KA2 Set
Cable adapter to make the transition from RJ11 and RJ12) to installation cable or individual wires.
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
Spring clip
For the installation of occupancy sensors in suspended one-piece ceilings (drywall, acoustic ceilings), in which the standard mounting clip can not be used.
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V MASTER
Occupancy sensor with fixed delay time. Two variations available. Up to 12 meter installation height.
* €50,90 * SRP
(€60,57 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V/T MASTER
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time 10 s - 14 m. No twilight switch. Two variations available. Up to 12 m installation height.
* €53,90 * SRP
(€64,14 Incl. tax)
Surface Mounting Enclosure
For surface installation if installation depth is insufficient or installation is not possible (e.g. exposed concrete ceilings).
* €7,30 * SRP
(€8,69 Incl. tax)
Combined occupancy and daylight harvesting sensor.
* €64,90 * SRP
(€77,23 Incl. tax)
ecos PM/24V/L MASTER
An occupancy sensor with additional lightlevel switchoff. Delay time and twilight switch level are adjustable. In two variations available.
* €54,90 * SRP
(€65,33 Incl. tax)