Integrating occupancy sensors into existing control systems (e.g. BMS)

Flexible connection to various formats

Whenever occupancy sensors are to be integrated into exsting control systems (such as BMS building management systems) there is usually a low voltage power supply available from the control system. In addition, most of these sytems can work with sensors that supply a switching output with small load. For these applications EPV's 24V sensor range is very well suited.

All of the 24V sensors are comonly used. They can work on both AC and DC power supply in a wide range of supply voltages (for the simple sensors without dimming functionality this is 10.8-28V). Instead of an EPV Power Pack, these sensors are directly connected to the existing control system - an EPV Power Pack is not required in this case.

The available outputs for switching signals are Open Collector with max. 30mA load. Using this technique, integration into most building management systems can be implemented.

For dimming and light signals, the 1-10V interface is the same as in the 230V models except for the high voltage separation which is not required in this case. Apart from a maximum load of 10mA this interface and also supply active 0-10V signals with a max. load of 1 mA.

It is also becoming increasingly popular to control air conditioning system with occupancy sensors.

Click here for a more detailed description of how to interface our sensors with building management systems and other controls.

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