The covered area is circular (360 °), its size varies with the installation height of the sensor.

Überwachungsfläche des occy Präsenzmelders


How to calculate the area: D = 2.22 x H (D= diameter of the observation area, H = ceiling height)


H = 3 meters -> The observation area has a diameter of 6.66 meters

You can quickly and easily expand the monitoring area with up to 5 additional occy occupancy sensors

occy Präsenzmelder Flächenerweiterung mit bis zu 5 weiteren occy Meldern

The coverage area of an occy® sensor can be extended by connecting up to 5 more occy® sensors with any standard 2-core cable. In this way, coverage extension does not require additional inputs on your control system and e.g. long hallways and very large rooms can be monitored with minimal installation effort. 

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