ecos 24V Occupancy Sensors

24V Occupancy Sensors can perfectly be integrated into existing control systems (Home automation, Building Management Systems BMS) and are also highly recommended for operation with a 230V EPV Power Pack. Due to MASTER / SLAVE options several occupancy...

Our 24V occupancy sensors can be operated in 2 ways:

  • on building controls (e.g., BMS) or smart home systems (Loxone, Homematic, WAGO, etc.) or
  • on EPV Power Packs to cover large areas in the simplest way (applies to all models except 

The models without dimming function work on 10.8-28V AC and DC supply voltage, the DIM models on 15-28V AC and DC.

All 24V devices are connected via RJ12 cable (normal 6-core data cable). Each MASTER can be extended with up to 30 SLAVES. The models without dimming output operate at 10.8-28V AC and DC. Models with dimming output at 15-28V AC and DC.

The scope of delivery includes a standard mounting clip for installation of our sensors in suspended, partitioned ceilings (such as Odenwald ceilings).