Special offers

EPV special offers

For those of you who are keen on getting a great deal on our products we offer here:

  • Short-term sales deals,
  • Exhibition pieces from our show rooms,
  • B-quality stock with tiny scratches or other minor blemishes
  • Discontinued models, of which we still have some in stock. 
  • All products are technically fully in order. 

To note: All sales specials are available in limited quantity only.

ecos PM/230V/L
ecos PM/230V/L
Small "Allround" occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time and adjustable twilight level switch. Two variations available. Perfect for retrofitting existing non-dimmable lighting. Superior sensitivity due to digiPIR technology. Made in Germany.
€57,90 * €50,90 * SRP
(€59,04 Incl. tax)
occy® smarthome (24V)
Occupancy sensor occy® smarthome (24V)
* €69,90 * SRP
(€81,08 Incl. tax)