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Review PWM LED-Dimmer, 3-channel 1-10V / DMX, 3 x 4A

PWM LED-Dimmer, 3-channel 1-10V / DMX, 3 x 4A

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The DIMMTRONIC LED PWM Dimmer converts up to 3 analogue 1-10V (active or passive) or digital DMX input signals into 3 pulse width modulated output signals.
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Each of the 3 output channels can supply up to 4 A. The input voltage of the external power supply (not supplied with the dimmer) can be in the range of 12 to 48V DC depending on your LEDs. The output voltage from the dimmer is equivalent to this.

The dimmer can drive various LED lamps such as LED strip lighting, LED bars, LED modular systems, etc. which are PWM dimmable. On the input side you can use a DMX-Controller, 1-10V current sinks (electronic potentiometers), potentiometers (50k) oder push buttons (momentary switches). The DIMMTRONIC LED PWM Dimmer offers 8 different working modes.

Via DMX it is possible to connect many of these dimmers in a Master/Slave setup. This is even possible when you use an analogue 1-10V signal to control the MASTER. Master and Slaves are then connected through DMX.


  • Number of inputs: 3 (1-10V or DMX)
  • Control signal 1: 1-10V interface (active &  passive)
  • Control signal 1: 1-10V interface (active &  passive)
  • Control signal 3: DMX
  • Suitable control units:  DMX-Master, electronic potentiometers (current sinks) , push button,  50k-potentiometer

Manual operation in push button mode (temporary contact switch):

  • Pressing short: Toggle between ON (with full brightness) and OFF.
  • Keeping button pressed: Dimming up and down. Dimming direction is reversed once the button is released. When pressed continuously dimmer keeps dimming up and then down again (dimming loop).


  • 10 - 48V DC (same as input voltage)
  • Number of outputs: 3
  • Output mode constant voltage: Modualtion 16-Bit PWM / 250Hz PWM frequency
  • Output load max. 3 x 4 A, fully protected against electrical shorts


  • Current consumption approx. 25mA (without load).
  • Power supply 10 - 48V DC (DMX input), 12 - 48V DC (1..10V input mode)
  • Temperature range -25 ... +60°C
  • Dimensions:  230 x 41 x 33 mm, Weight 115g
  • Available for light fitting or ceiling installation (with terminal cover caps and strain relief)