1000W Trailing-Edge Dimmer 230V for manual dimming or 0-10V / 1-10V dimming. DIMMTRONIC M1000 3.4

230V trailing-edge dimmer for manual or automatic dimming.

  • Smooth & elegant dimming for all primary dimmable lamps and lights (LED, Halogen, incandescent, etc)
  • Quick and simple customization of the dimming range to match your lamps perfectly and reach best dimming performance
  • 2 dimming curve 
  • Manual pushbotton operation or 1-10V / 0-10V control through external signal  
  • Low minimum and high maximum load rating
  • Ideal e.g. for restaurants, hotels and private residences


Trailing Edge Dimmer 1-10V 0-10V 1000WEPV's M1000 dimmers are popular in lighting projects due to their reliable function and ease of use. The current product generation (3.4) offers numerous improvements to make it even easier for you to adjust the dimmers to various kinds of lighting loads. 

Through 2 dimming curves and adjustable min/max values, the dimming behaviour can now be fine-tuned easily to various project requirements. In addition, the actual dimming is now even smoother than before.

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Small minimum loads, ideal for LED lights. To ensure a smooth and flicker-free dimming operation, the dimmer works with very small minimum loads upwards of approx. 10 Watt / 10 VA 

  • Resistive loads: max. 1000 Watt, min. 10 Watt
  • Capacitive loads: max. 850 VA, min. 10 VA

Pushbutton mode:

  • Pressing briefly = on / off.
  • Keep push-button pressed down = up and down dimming, each up to a maximum or minimum
  • no automatic traversing of the extreme values, so that the limits can be cleanly achieved

1-10V and 0-10V input signal mode:

  • Control via 1-10V or 0-10V signal.
  • 10 V = set maximum output (see below) . 
  • 1 V = set minimum (see below)
  •  < 0.7V: Optional switch-off (if activated)

Trailing Edge Dimmer EPV M1000 3.4 Connections Wiring

2 selectable dimming curves for best performance in your projects

In order to achieve best results with a wide range of lights and lamps the M1000 3.4 dimmer offers you a choice between two dimming curves: 

  • Output voltage U_eff linear
  • Output voltage Ueff proportional to dim angle (off-time)  

With a dip-switch you can switch betwenn the two curves. 

Phasenabschnittdimmer mit 2 umschaltbaren Dimmkurven

Minimum and Maximum can be set independently 

  • Minimum is adjustable between 0% and 40% 
  • Maximum is adjustable between 60% and 100% 

Special feature:
The remaining part of the original dimming curve will automatically be mapped to the full 1-10V control voltage range. This always gives the user the full dimming range without any dead margins.  Trailing Edge Dimmer 1-10V reduced dimming range mapped to 1_10V

The new dimming curve after limiting the dimming range in this example looks like this (green curve is active): 

Aufgespreizter Restbereich auf 1-10V

Optional: Switching-off the load through 1-10V signal  

If this function is activated through the dip switch, the dimmer switches off the connected load when the control voltage is reduced below 0,7V. Dimmer mit Abschaltung der Last durch Steuersignal


18V DC AUX supply voltage 

  • for direkt integration of EPV occupancy sensors or other sensors
  • For example you can connect EPV ecos occupancy sensors PM 24V/5K in master/slave configuration directly to the dimmer. This is a simple solution for implementing occupancy based up and down dimming of hotel or hospital corridor lighting. 


  • 6 units (105mm)

Further benefits 

  • Softstart function to prolong lamp life
  • integrated thermal overload protection
  • During manufacturing, all dimmers have to pass individual testing and fulfill SELV criteria through galvanics 4kV separation (usual values are only 2.5 kV separation).
  • Low loss operation.  Even in maximum load operation the power loss is below 9W.
  • Connector terminals for quick and flexible wiring. DIMMTRONIC terminals cover the full range of cabling sizes: from 2 x 2.5mm2 (or 1 x 4.0 mm2) down to fine 0.5 mm2 cables. This ensures quick installation and guarantees long-term connection stability. 
  • Made in Germany


230V Trailing Edge Dimmer 1.000W DIMMTRONIC M1000 3.4
Trailing-edge dimmer for manual dimming (push-button mode) or 1-10V and 0-10V analog input signal dimming.
* €178,30 * SRP
(€212,18 Incl. tax)
DIMMTRONIC PWM LED-Dimmer, 3-channel 1-10V / DMX, 3 x 4A
PWM LED-Dimmer, 3-channel 1-10V / DMX, 3 x 4A
The DIMMTRONIC LED PWM Dimmer converts up to 3 analogue 1-10V (active or passive) or digital DMX input signals into 3 pulse width modulated output signals.
€72,80 * €36,40 * SRP
(€43,32 Incl. tax)