occy®: ultra-small occupancy / presence sensors for smart home systems

With occy® you implement reliable motion sensing and lighting control in many different application scenarios - while fulfilling high aesthetic requirements. 

For demanding smart home builders, architects and lighting designers in the Smart Home field who are dissatisfied with ugly, large and bulky motion sensors, occy is an ultra-small PIR occupancy sensor that delivers superior aesthetics.

Unlike conventional analog motion sensors, occy's digital PIR technology ensures reliable detection, industrial EMC immunity and premium design in a tiny package and with 4 installation options to fit your project needs.

Loxone presence sensor vs. occy presence detector


  • elegant 24V occupancy sensors in white or black for Smart Home system like Loxone, WAGO, Beckhoff, Homematic, Comexio, etc.
  • 4 installation options: flush ceiling installation or innovative alternative installations. All necessary accessories always included 
  • 100% silent operation and no visual indication (no blinking LED during regular operation)
  • high-performance digital PIR technology for reliable & smooth detection
  • simple coverage area extension on only one system terminal: Bup to 5 occy® sensors work in parallel (master/slave)