Customer reviews

"Hello EPV, I would like to give you my feedback on the new Occy Smarthome sensors. I have been using 2 Occys for a good 3 weeks now and I am super satisfied. Installation was really child's play. I use CAT7 cables, which I connected to the powerpacks.

This worked without any problems with the AWG23 cross-section and the screw terminals on the Powerpacks.

All in all, the presence detector has worked perfectly so far, looks great and installation and commissioning were really easy. I also find the price-performance ratio quite reasonable compared to other PMs. Many thanks for the new Occy - an enrichment for our SmartHome." J.K. from W.


"Installation is child's play. 25mm drill bit, attach the appropriate cover and connect the cable to the PowerPack according to the very good instructions, plug in the jack plug. The detector makes a solid impression despite its small design. Even the filigree springs hold the detector firmly to the ceiling. Thanks to its compact design, simple commissioning and the functions it offers, the detector's price is acceptable." S.B. from G.


"Hello, I would like to share my first experiences with the new occy motion detectors, also in comparison with the "older" version, which are installed in the basement.

Connecting the Cat cable to the Powerpack is much easier now, without additional resistors and bulky adapters with plastic sheathing.

Firstly, the new BWM is installed in a hollow box with a dummy cover at floor level. Placing the power pack in a hollow box is also uncomplicated, so that the entire installation is completed in less than 5 minutes. The range in the open living/dining area is even 8m. Ceiling installation is also very simple. Connect the Powerpack, push it into the dry ceiling and clip in the BWM with mini cover, and you're done!

There is nothing more to consider in the Loxone Config, no more negating on the input side necessary. The inputs can therefore be connected directly to the modules. The green ring, which lights up when there is movement, is also great during commissioning, so you can see immediately whether the BWM has been connected correctly. There have been no problems since installation, and due to their small size they are no longer noticeable in everyday life, which is a problem with many other BWMs in my opinion. When they are available to order again, we will order some more and equip the whole house with them." A.B. from H.


Conclusion of a test report on the website:

Pros and cons compared to a simple installation:


  • Illuminance depends on daylight intensity
    Very easy to install and connect using plug-in systems
    Approximately the same cost as a normal presence detector for LEDs (depending on manufacturer)
    Very low standby power
    Up to 6 presence detectors can be integrated in one circuit


  • Additional costs for procuring the necessary system components (e.g. miniserver)
    Programming effort

You can read the entire test report here 


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occy® Smart Home 7m extension cable
4-core extension cable (jack plug to jack socket).

This increases the distance between the sensor head and the Smart Home Powerpack, e.g. if you prefer the Powerpack in close proximity to your control system.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)
occy® smart home occupancy presence sensor for Loxone, WAGO, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio etc.
24V design PIR occupancy sensor / motion Smart Home sensor for Loxone, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio, WAGO, etc. mini motion sensor, digital passive infrared (digiPIR) technology
* €93,90 * SRP
(€111,74 Incl. tax)