How small would you like it? 4 installation options

The maximum required clearance is only 32mm. There are 4 different ways to install occy® occupancy sensors. All necessary accessories are supplied. occy® uses digital PIR technology. This enables high sensitivity in a small design.

Occupancy sensors are no longer just installed on the ceiling. More and more clever smart home planners are using sensors also, e.g. to illuminate stairs, for night lighting at the bedside and many other ideas. Therefore occy® offers you 4 different installation options. Thanks to its small size and elegant design, there are various new and innovative installation options for your projects in addition to conventional ceiling installation. 

All necessary accessories are included:

occy occupancy motion sensor size compariosn of 4 different installation options

With MAXI cover: ceiling cutout 38 mm - 45 mm

  • With spring attachment for installation in suspended ceilings
  • Low installation clearance of 32 mm required, can also be installed in suspended ceilings with single battens without any problems. 

With MINI cover: ceiling cutout 25 mm 

  • With spring attachment for installation in suspended ceilings
  • Low installation clearance of 32 mm required. 

With MICRO cover (e.g. switch boxes): hole diameter 17 mm

  • With wing nut for attachment
  • For wall thicknesses up to 3 mm

NANO: minimum installation (e.g. luminaires): hole diameter 12 mm 

  • Fix the wing nut with 2 adhesive pads
  • For wall thicknesses up to 1.8 mm

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Installation variants for occy® (e.g.: sockets from KAISER)

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occy® Smart Home 7m extension cable
4-core extension cable (jack plug to jack socket).

This increases the distance between the sensor head and the Smart Home Powerpack, e.g. if you prefer the Powerpack in close proximity to your control system.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)
occy® smart home occupancy presence sensor for Loxone, WAGO, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio etc.
24V design PIR occupancy sensor / motion Smart Home sensor for Loxone, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio, WAGO, etc. mini motion sensor, digital passive infrared (digiPIR) technology
* €93,90 * SRP
(€111,74 Incl. tax)