ecos 24V Occupancy Sensors with potential free / dry output

ecos 24V occupancy sensors are small and reliable ceiling sensors with a potential-free (dry) output from a small signal relay. Depending on the model they also put out a 1-10V dimming signal. 

Each ecos 24V MASTER sensor's coverage can be extended plug & play with up to 30 SLAVE sensors. This enables you to cover large areas or long corridors very efficiently. 

Compared to occy smart home sensors, the ecos 24V models have more built-in logic. Functions that you would typically implement in your control system with occy are available in ecos (e.g. longer delay time or disabling motion detection beyond a certain light level).  

All 24V devices are connected via RJ12 cable (normal 6-core data cable). Each MASTER can be extended with up to 30 SLAVES. The models without dimming output operate at 10.8-28V AC and DC. Models with dimming output at 15-28V AC and DC.

The models without dimming function work on 10.8-28V AC and DC supply voltage, the DIM models on 15-28V AC and DC.

The scope of delivery includes a standard mounting clip for installation of our sensors in suspended, partitioned ceilings (such as Odenwald ceilings).