Your choice: occy or ecos 24V? A comparison


ecos 24V


Switching output Potential free signal relay. Transistor circuit push / pull (high level / low level)
Switching noise Slight switching noise of the relay. Noiseless. 
Delay time motion signal Can be set depending on the model (usually 10 seconds to 14 minutes) 10 seconds
Power supply 10.8-28V AC and DC (models without dimming function)
15-28V AC and DC (DIM models)
15-28V DC 
Function  Additional switching logic contained in the sensor (differs depending on the model) Sensor signal source for Smarthome systems (raw signal)
LED display  Always active (red LED indicates motion detection) Only active during the first 5 minutes (test mode). After that, no visual signals during operation.
Coverage area Rectangular Circular
Expandability / area expansion Yes, with up to 30 ecos SLAVE sensors.   Yes, with up to 5 additional occy sensors.  
Installation Ceiling installation or surface mounting Flexible, 4 installation options

Vergleich zwischen ecos und occy