Lighting Controls for Open Plan Offices

Occupancy sensors and intelligent dimming strategies can bring significant improvements to open plan offices.

In the areas closest to the windows a combination of occupanc sensing and daylight dimming / daylight harvesting delivers the largest savings. Deeper into the building pure occupancy sensing is often the most suitable approach. 

Depending on local circumstances, the combination with presence-based dimming strategies can also make sense. 

With ecos 24V occupancy motion sensors (Master/Slave) in combination with ecos powerpacks you can cover large areas quickly and with little installation cost. 

You can switch and dim conventional lighting but also control DALI luminaires. 

If you want to find out how EPV occupancy sensors can improve your offices, send us an inquiry. 

RJ 12 Cable for MASTER/SLAVE connections.
6 meter, RJ12 Cable for connecting several 24V sensors together 1-to-1 straight through cable 6P6C. 100% electrically tested.
* €8,00 * SRP
(€9,52 Incl. tax)
2-into-1 RJ12 Adapters
Used for plugging several 24V sensors together (MASTER / SLAVE) Rule of thumb: Typically 1 unit per SLAVE sensor required.
* €7,50 * SRP
(€8,93 Incl. tax)
Cable Adapter KA2 Set
Cable adapter to make the transition from RJ11 and RJ12) to installation cable or individual wires.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5L MASTER
An occupancy sensor with additional lightlevel switchoff. Delay time and twilight switch level are adjustable. In two variations available.
* €77,90 * SRP
(€92,70 Incl. tax)
Extension occupancy sensor PM/24V/5 SLAVE. Can be combined with all 24V MASTER sensors
SLAVE sensor for coverage area extension of all EPV MASTER sensors. Per 1 MASTER sensor up to 30 SLAVE sensors can be added.
* €57,90 * SRP
(€68,90 Incl. tax)
ecos Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5T MASTER
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5T MASTER
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time 10 s - 14 m. No twilight switch. Two variations available. Up to 12 m installation height.
€75,85 * €37,90 * SRP
(€45,10 Incl. tax)
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5 MASTER
Simple 24V Occupancy sensor with FIXED delay time 10 minutes. Up to 5 meter installation height.
* €73,80 * SRP
(€87,82 Incl. tax)
Power Pack XL DIM
EPV Power Pack XL DIM with On/Off + daylight dimming, high-load relay output 2300VA / 800 A and 1-10V output. Supports all 24V occupancy sensors apart from the 24V/5Si.
* €84,30 * SRP
(€100,32 Incl. tax)
Power Pack DALI
DALI Power Pack supports all 24V occupancy sensors. Requires one x 24V-MASTER sensor. With plug & play up to 30 SLAVES sensors for coverage extension are supported. Supports up to 45 DALI devices. 125 DALI devices may be supported with addional DALI ...
* €116,90 * SRP
(€139,11 Incl. tax)