occy® 24V Dry Contact for Lutron

Data sheet occy® smarthome (24V) dry contact

Coverage / observation area & how to expand it

The covered area is circular (360 °), its size varies with the installation height of the sensor.

Commissioning & Test Mode

After you connect the supply voltage, occy goes into a test mode. For 5 Minuten the green LED lights up whenever motion is detected. After that, the LED remains off. During normal operation, the sensor does not create any visual or acoustic signal / noise. 

occy smarthome motion sensor commissioning and test mode

occy® smart home Design occupancy sensor 24V dry contact, incl.24V Powerpack potential-free
24V design PIR occupancy sensor / motion Smart Home sensor for Loxone, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio, WAGO, etc. mini motion sensor, digital passive infrared (digiPIR) technology
* €93,90 * SRP
(€111,74 Incl. tax)