occy® Smart Home: mini occupancy sensor with binary output and 1-10V room brightness output, For Loxone, WAGO, Homematic, etc.

Smart Home Präsenzmelder occy®It makes occy® the ideal sensor signal source for your Smart Home system, e.g. for Loxone, Homematic, Comexio, WAGO and similar. occy® generates raw signals which you can then process further in your control system. 

Instruction manual / data sheet 

Electrical Connection & Commissioning

Ausgangsignale Bewegung Präsenz Lichtmessung occy Präsenzmelder Smarthome occy supplies you with two signals: 

  1. the motion signal as a high / low level output (100% silent, non-audible transistor output in push-pull setup) with a delay time of approx. 10 seconds. Motion = High. No motion = Low. You can connect this output to the binary input of your control system. 
  2. the measured overall room brightness (lux-level) as a 1-10V Signal, usable actively or passively: 0 Lux = 0V, 1.000 Lux = 10V. 

Max. load on both signals (active & passive): 10mA. 

For the connection to most control systems (e.g. Loxone) no pull-up resistor is required. Connections on powerpack: screw terminals (flex: up to 1.5mm2 / flex: up to 1 mm2

The occy Smart Home sensor consists of the sensor head and a tiny electronics unit (power pack) to connect to your control system. 

You can quickly and easily expand the monitoring area with up to 5 additional occy sensors

The coverage area of an occy® sensor can be extended by connecting up to 5 more occy® sensors with any standard 2-core cable.

Your benefit: In this way, coverage extension does not require additional inputs on your control system to be used. Long hallways and very large rooms can be monitored with minimal installation effort. All connected sensors work in parallel, i.e. like one sensor with a very large coverage area.  occy Präsenzmelder Flächenerweiterung mit bis zu 5 weiteren occy Meldern

Distance between sensor head and powerpack: up to 30 meters

If required, the power pack can be located far away from the sensor head. For this purpose you can extend the connection between sensor and powerpack (4 core jack/socket cable 3.5mm) up to 30 meters. This is possible in a very simple plug & play fashion with our 7-meter extension cables

Coverage / observation area & how to expand it

The covered area is circular (360 °), its size varies with the installation height of the sensor.

Überwachungsfläche des occy Präsenzmelders


How to calculate the area: D = 2.22 x H (D= diameter of the observation area, H = ceiling height)

Example: H = 3 meters -> The observation area has a diameter of 6.66 meters

For the 24V smart home version the coverage area can easily be extended by connection further occy sensors without requiring further inputs on your control system.

occy Präsenzmelder Flächenerweiterung mit bis zu 5 weiteren occy Meldern

Commissioning & Test Mode

After you connect the supply voltage, occy goes into a test mode. For 5 Minuten the green LED lights up whenever motion is detected. After that, the LED remains off. During normal operation, the sensor does not create any visual or acoustic signal / noise. 

occy smarthome motion sensor commissioning and test mode

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occy® smart home occupancy presence sensor for Loxone, WAGO, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio etc.
24V design PIR occupancy sensor / motion Smart Home sensor for Loxone, Homematic, Beckhoff, Comexio, WAGO, etc. mini motion sensor, digital passive infrared (digiPIR) technology
* €93,90 * SRP
(€111,74 Incl. tax)
occy® Smart Home 7m extension cable
4-core extension cable (jack plug to jack socket).

This increases the distance between the sensor head and the Smart Home Powerpack, e.g. if you prefer the Powerpack in close proximity to your control system.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)