Automatic dimming of the corridor lighting in an office building

Energy-saving dimming Corridor lighting Corridor lightingIn many corridors, the lighting is often switched on continuously during business hours. Over time, this consumes a lot of energy and causes considerable costs. In an office building this was solved in a much more intelligent way with EPV products.

Which functionality was implemented?

  • If the corridor between the offices is used, the lighting quickly goes to 100%.

  • After an adjustable period of inactivity, e.g. after 30 seconds, the lighting slowly goes down to a set minimum, e.g. 15%, and remains there.

  • If the hallway is not used for a longer period of time, e.g. 30 minutes, i.e. after work, the lighting switches off completely automatically. It goes back to automatic mode as soon as someone enters the hallway.

How was it realized?

The long corridor is covered with 2 ecos MASTER sensors and 7 ecos PM / 24V / Slave sensors:

  • ecos PM/24V/5K Master - you can use this sensor to set the required minimum for absence and the time after which dimming down should begin.
  • ecos PM/24V/5T Master - you use this sensor to set the delay time after which the lighting is completely switched off.
  • ecos PM/24V/5 Slaves are used to expand the area. 

The power supply for all ecos occupancy sensors is provided by a DIMMTRONIC M1000 / 3.3 Trailing-edge dimmer. This DIN rail dimmer also dims all LED lights in the entire aisle. The ecos sensors can be operated directly on the M1000 dimmer.

All ecos sensors are connected to each other via standard RJ12 cables and the corresponding accessories via plug & play

All products used can be found at the bottom of this page.

For whom is it suitable?

This solution is suitable for:

  • offices 
  • hotels 
  • hospitals 
  • nursing homes / retirement homes

The soft moving up and down of the lighting not only looks very high quality, but is also perceived as more pleasant by the users.

If you ONLY use the ecos PM / 24V / 5K, the light always stays on at the set minimum and is never completely switched off. This function is required and popular in nursing homes, for example.

2-into-1 RJ12 Adapters
Used for plugging several 24V sensors together (MASTER / SLAVE) Rule of thumb: Typically 1 unit per SLAVE sensor required.
* €8,00 * SRP
(€9,52 Incl. tax)
Cable Adapter KA2 Set
Cable adapter to make the transition from RJ11 and RJ12) to installation cable or individual wires.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)
RJ 12 Cable for MASTER/SLAVE connections.
6 meter, RJ12 Cable for connecting several 24V sensors together 1-to-1 straight through cable 6P6C. 100% electrically tested.
* €8,00 * SRP
(€9,52 Incl. tax)
Extension occupancy sensor PM/24V/5 SLAVE. Can be combined with all 24V MASTER sensors
SLAVE sensor for coverage area extension of all EPV MASTER sensors. Per 1 MASTER sensor up to 30 SLAVE sensors can be added.
* €57,90 * SRP
(€68,90 Incl. tax)
ecos Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5K DIM MASTER
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5K DIM MASTER
An occupancy sensor that dimms the lights down when no one is present. With adjustable delay time. ("Corridor or Standby function"). Two variations available. Suitable for up to 12 meter installation height.
€91,70 * €45,85 * SRP
(€54,56 Incl. tax)
ecos Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5T MASTER
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/24V/5T MASTER
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time 10 s - 14 m. No twilight switch. Two variations available. Up to 12 m installation height.
€75,85 * €37,90 * SRP
(€45,10 Incl. tax)
230V Trailing Edge Dimmer 1.000W DIMMTRONIC M1000 3.4
Trailing-edge dimmer for manual dimming (push-button mode) or 1-10V and 0-10V analog input signal dimming.
* €178,30 * SRP
(€212,18 Incl. tax)