Lighting and Ventilation Control in office cubes

Präsenzmelder Steuerung von Beleuchtung und Lüftung In open plan offices the installation of "glas cubes" as conference rooms and places for quiet and concentrated work are becoming more and more popular. 

Several manufacturers of these solutions use EPV's  ecos PM/230V/5 occupancy sensors to switch lighting and ventilations in these rooms. 

This ensures optimum energy efficiency by switching the electrical consumers off automatically when the rooms are not in use. 



Spring clip
For the installation of occupancy sensors in suspended one-piece ceilings (drywall, acoustic ceilings), in which the standard mounting clip can not be used.
* €11,50 * SRP
(€13,69 Incl. tax)
ecos Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/230V/5
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/230V/5
Occupancy sensing only (ON/OFF) available in two versions. The ecos PM/230V is the ideal sensor for applications without any daylight and applications where you want artificial light even if you have day light available. Up to 12 meter installation ...
€92,75 * €46,40 * SRP
(€55,22 Incl. tax)
Occupancy Sensor ecos PM/230V/5T
Occupancy sensor with adjustable delay time (no light sensor). Two variations available. This sensor reacts to presence - regardless of how bright the room is. In two variations available, up to 12 meter intallation height.
* €94,90 * SRP
(€112,93 Incl. tax)